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Travel Agent Handbook




                       TABLE OF CONTENTS





10 Top Reasons Why Cruises Are  BARGAINS!




Airline Discounts


Non-U.S. or Canadian affiliates


ALASKA tours


Online Booking Engine


Announce Letter


Online Booking Websites


Booking Policy


Packing List


Booking Tips


Passport information           


Booking Vacation Packages / Airline Tickets


Prospect List


Business Card samples


Rail  Bookings & Discounts


Car Rental Discounts


Reference Guide, Tours                                                          


CLIA Members Discounts                                                     


Referral Fees


CLIA Membership


Review of all the cruise ships                                          


Continuing Education Materials, e-docs cruises




Credit Card Authorization Form


Sample: Client Invoice/Statement    


Cruise Activities


Script for Booking Cruises


Cruise Discounts for Travel Agents

26, 48,49

Script for Booking Cruises


Cruise Documents


Script for Booking Hotels, Cars, Vacations


Cruise Fare sites, notification lower prices


Seller of Travel registration


Cruise Lines 


Seminars at Sea


Cruise Tips


Shore Excursions, TRAVEL INSURANCE


Discounts for Affiliates


Theme Park Discounts


Disney & Universal Studios Discounts


Toll Free Booking Numbers


E-docs cruise lines


Tour & Vacation Packages


FAM Trips


Tour Companies Reference Guide




Travel Agent Commissions


Frequently Asked Questions


Travel Agent Information 


Group Booking Guidelines


Travel Agent Rates


Group Insurance


Travel Agent Worksheet


Hotel & Resorts Travel Agent Rates


Travel Brochures


How to Book Cruises


Travel Check List


How to Find the Best Prices


Travel Insurance


How to Get on our IATAN list


Travel News


Incentive Travel


Travel Related Sites






Last Minute Cruises, resort deals


Where To Find Clients


Letters of Affiliation




Make Money, Sell Cruises


You Can Save Money!


Marriott, Starwood, Hyatt discount policy


You Know You Have Cruised Too Much










           Easy Travel Agent Handbook



Welcome aboard! We're happy that you have joined our family of independent, part-time, home-based travel agents. Being a travel agent can be a rewarding and exciting business.


BACKGROUND:  Our home based division was started in 2000 to compensate individuals who were booking travel part-time either for their family and/or  others but were not being compensated for doing it.   


I.A.T.N. (International Association of Traveler’s Network) was started in 1998 by All Travel and Cruise Center, Inc. a licensed and bonded travel agency in Tampa, Florida.


Our Easy Travel Agent Handbook will show you how to SAVE MONEY and MAKE MONEY.  It is updated on a regular basis.  The handbook is located on our website


Please read the handbook in it’s entirety before you contact any travel supplier


The agency’s reference number is not mentioned in this reference guide. 

Kindly email us if you have misplaced it.    






We are a affiliate.  The username is “rfalor” and the Password: “travel01”

Here are the advantages for you:


·         Extra commission from Preferred Suppliers

·         Blocked group space for cruises

·         Promotions

·         Travel specials, and more! 


On the website you can find thousands of travel offers from their preferred suppliers. 




 We suggest you have business cards available to hand out to potential clients and travel suppliers.  Page 40 has an example.




















All Travel And Cruise Center, Inc. is a full-service licensed and bonded  travel agency with over 31 years of experience in the travel industry.   


All Travel & Cruise Center, Inc.

13310 Golf Crest Circle

Tampa, Fl 33618

                                                          (813) 600-0807 

 (815) 361-9039  fax



                          There are 2 types of travel affiliates with our agency:


1.   Part-time travel agent, Make sure you advise a travel supplier you are only “part-time”  and do not have your own IATAN or CLIA card when requesting travel agent rates (not all travel suppliers offer discounts to part-time travel agents).  Page 24-26 gives guidelines on how to request part-time travel agent discounts.   




2.     Affiliates that earn over $5,000.00 in personal commissions can get their own IATAN  or CLIA card are full-time travel agents.








































HOW MUCH ARE THE MEMBERSHIP RENEWAL FEES?  A one year renewal is $99.00.  You can also renew for 5 years for $199.00 or acquire a LIFETIME affiliation for $399.00. 

WHAT OPERATING EXPENSES ARE THERE OTHER THAN INITIAL AFFILIATION FEE? You will need business cards, and we suggest getting the necessary local and state licenses if you plan sell travel to others.  Please contact a local travel agency to find out your local and state requirements.

WHEN DO I GET PAID? Checks are cut once your share of the commission(s) reaches a minimum of $20.00.  Checks are mailed the week of departure or once we receive payment from the travel supplier (which comes first). 

CAN I REFER A FRIEND? YES!  Have them sign up online at: You would receive a 20% referral fee.   The new affiliate or you need to notify us during the first 90 days that you are the referring associate in order for you receive a referral fee. .

PASSPORTSIf you are traveling outside your birth country, you will need a passport.  U.S. passports must have 6+ months validity time if you are traveling outside the U.S. .

HOW DO I GET TRAVEL LITERATURE? You can order online as a “consumer” or stop by a local agency.  Travel suppliers will only mail brochures to travel agencies or directly to consumers. We cannot forward travel literature.

I  LIVE OUTSIDE THE U.S.  CAN I BOOK TRAVEL FOR OTHERS? Yes! When booking travel for others… cruise, hotel, tours and car reservations can be make worldwide.  Flights must depart from U.S. or Canada.

TRAVEL BOOKING CONFIRMATIONS: Travel suppliers usually send confirmations to the agency and not the agent. If you wish a copy of the booking confirmation just let us know.   

CAN I GET DISCOUNTS ON AIRLINE TICKETS? Airline carriers require travel agents to have their own IATAN card in order to request airfare discounts.

WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN IATA AND IATAN? IATAN (“eye-a-tan”) is a trade organization of U.S. and Canada travel agents  IATA (“eye-ah-ta”) is the organization for travel agents living outside the U.S. and Canada.

AM I ON THE AGENCY’S  IATAN LIST? Not unless you have your own IATAN card.

HOW DO I GET ON THE AGENCY’S IATAN LIST?   Agents that earn $5,000+ a year in commission can request membership to IATAN.  IATAN requires any travel agency to remit applicant’s 1099 showing minimum income requirements have been met.  You would then be on the agency’s IATAN list.

WHAT NAME SHOULD I USE ON MY BUSINESS CARDS? You must show “All Travel & Cruise Center Inc.”.  Under the agency’s name, put your name.  At the bottom of the business card put your email address and your phone number.  You can use our logo, email us and a word document version of the logo will be sent.                                                                                                 

DO THE TRAVEL SUPPLIERS MAIL THE DOCUMENTS TO ME?  Please make sure you tell a travel supplier to mail any travel documents to your address.  We charge a $5.00 service fee to send them to you via USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate.     









FAST TRACKIf you are new to selling travel, may we suggest you start by selling cruises and vacation packages.


The handbook has the 800 numbers and websites of the major cruise lines.  Their reservation centers are very helpful and will answer any questions you may have. 


Yahoo’s travel site is a great place to check out all the information on cruises.  


Use and to preview all the cruise ships!  gives a daily recap of the special offers by the cruise lines.


Cruises are BARGAIN vacations!

·         All the food you can eat

·         24 hour entertainment   

·         Accommodations

·         Visit 3-4 destinations

·         Airfare & transfers to the ship (if needed)


Check out Travel Impressions website for vacation packages It is easy to use and gives you 100’s of destinations!  You can book complete vacation packages: airfare, transfers, accommodations, tours, and even meals.


Pass out your business cards to everyone you know and meet.




Tell Others About Us and Earn Referral Fees!


Affiliates earn a 20% referral fee for any new associate that mentions their name when they become an affiliate.  Kindly have your referrals mention your name if the space designated on the application.              


Tour Company Bookings


Make sure you get the confirmation numbers for any hotels, tours, and car rentals booked thru a tour company within 24 hours of sending in the deposit.  Many tour companies block space and don’t assign the space until  several weeks later.  Don’t  wait till the last minute to make sure your travel arrangements are what you requested!














We've made it simple for you to make money as a part time travel agent. We’ve even included a prospect list (appendix "B") and a sample announcement letter (appendix "C") that you can send out to your “center of influence”. You can book travel for yourself, your family, friends, relatives, business associates, or personal travel clients. You'll find that you can accommodate most travel needs. Best of all… you can get started right now and make money immediately! We've made it easy to do.






        Agents receive the following commission percentage on their portion of commissions

        paid to the agency.


                                                   50%      to  $2,500.00

                                                   60%      to  $4,999.00

                                                   70%      to  $7,499.00

                                                   80%        $7,500.00+        





          Page 14 shows what our commission rate is with the Cruise Lines.

                     Hotels and Car rentals pay 5-10%  Tours pay 10-20%




Please email us all of the following information when you book travel for others

1.    Customer name(s);

2.    Date of travel;

3.    Travel supplier name;

4.    Total cost of travel;

5.    Reservation number;

6.    Credit Card Information (Name as it appears on the credit card, credit card number, expiration date, cardholder’s signature and amount of the charge.)

7.    Additionally, you are required to mail or fax us an completed and signed “Credit Card Authorization Form” (A copy of this form is located in this handbook), whenever a a card hold IS NOT traveling but paying.  The form needs to faxed to us at 813-864-0158


Commissions are paid to affiliates after the travel date.  Some travel suppliers do take 30+ days to pay us.  Commissions are forfeited if a affiliate has not notified us within 180 days of the arrival date.













                                 CONTINUING EDUCATION COURSES                               





Many travel suppliers offer informational online courses about their products.  Upon completion the travel supplier’s course, you may be offered bonus commission coupons, additional personal discounts, etc.  NOTE: You cannot take Marriott’s Hotel Excellence course unless you have your own IATAN card (you need to be on track to earn $5,000+, to apply for your own IATAN ID).






Travel brochures are very useful.  They allow you and your client to “view” the destination and find out more about the amenities being offered.


Make sure that you give the travel supplier your home address, the agency cannot forward materials, since travel suppliers usually do not send literature via USPS first class mail, but rather by carriers or services that will not allow us to forward the materials.





Let everyone you know they can book their travel needs 24-7 on our online booking engine  When making reservations on this site, have your clients enter your email address and not theirs, so we know who should be credited the commission!


Affiliates can book travel on the agent portal  ID is alltravelcruise

Password: travel1  Make sure you complete a “CBS” ….commission booking form: after each

reservation is made.  










    ID:   Password: travel






Here’s some suggestions on how to make a booking.  Please remember we are not a discount travel agency.  The prices you quote your client’s will be the current price quoted by the travel supplier.  If you choose to quote your client a price lower than what the travel supplier , that difference will be deducted from your commission.   Please remember DO NOT pay the travel supplier the “net amount”. Pay the entire amount and once you have received your commission you can remit a rebate to your client.


FIRST:        You will need to find out where they wish to travel; how many

                    will be going; dates of travel; and approximate amount they wish to spend. 


SECOND:  Find the best price.  We suggest go to our online booking engine.   

                   Then call the cruise line to book the cruise. .


THIRD:       Review the results with your client. . 


FOURTH: Call the travel supplier and give the information needed to make the reservation.

Guest name(s), address, phone number, dates of stay, type of accommodations, credit card information


FIFTH:        Fax to the agency a credit card authorization form,

                   so we know your client approved the charge


SIXTH:       Mail to your client an invoice with all the details about their travel.  See page 9


HOTELS:  Once your client has selected where they wish to stay, either call the toll-free number of the property (you can find it by entering the property’s name on the search engine  or check page 24, if the property belongs to a  national chain.


CRUISES:  Make sure the cruise is right for your client. is a great site to help you match a cruise that with your client’s vacation objectives.


Review page 14 in the handbook.  It will show you what to say to the cruise line sales rep.  Make sure you have the type of cabindining time, date of birth of the client’s, any medical or dietary needs, flight information (if transfers are needed), guest’s full name as printed on their passport or birth certificate and credit card information handy before calling the travel supplier.


CAR RENTALS:  Client will need a valid driver’s license, over the age of 25, and proof of Insurance.  Type of vehicle desired, plus name, address, phone number,.


VACATION PACKAGES: Vacation packages typically include: airfare, transfers, accommodations, and sometimes excursions.  Page  23 & 27 lists the Tour Companies.  You can also book many of the excursions.  Check with the travel supplier on what’s available.


Suggest TRAVEL IMPRESSIONS and GoGo Vacations  Both suppliers offer vacation packages anywhere in the world, pay the highest commissions, and offer excellent customer service.  Check out their website.        



                      LETTER OF AFFILIATION


Travel Suppliers may request a Letter of Affiliation upon check-in if you request a travel agent rate. 


Some hotels/resorts may ask “Are you on the agency’s IATAN list?”  Only full-time agents that earn $5,000.00+ a year are on that list. 


If you have a valid CLIA (Clee-ah”)  card, ask if a reduced fare is available.  You may be able to get CLIA rates even if you don’t have your own CLIA card.  Ask the representative if they will accept a Letter of Affiliation from us and a copy of the agency’s CLIA certificate.  See page 25 for CLIA discounts.


Travel Suppliers must be aware that your true status with our agency.  Affiliates that misrepresent their status will be terminated without notice and be responsible of any penalty imposed by the travel supplier or trade organization.   


When you acquire a travel agent discount, it’s a good idea to make note of the name of the person who spoke with you.  You will then have a reference person if there is a problem at check-in.


It may be necessary to call several properties, since your first or second selection may not offer discounts to part-time agents.  .


If the property does not offer a discount to “part-time” travel agents, you can still make the reservation and receive ½ of the commission by booking the reservation as the travel agent.




   Information needed to provide a Letter of Affiliation


1.    Name, address and fax number of the Travel Supplier

2.    The reservation number

3.    Your name and fax number

4.    Date(s) of stay

5.    Email this information to us:


The service fee for a Letter of Affiliation is as follows:


    Hotels/Resorts/Spas                $10.00

    Cruises/ Vacation Packages    $25.00


Kindly mail in a personal check to:  All Travel & Cruise Center, Inc.  13310 Golf Crest Circle Tampa, Fl 33618   












                        Use this form only if the person paying is not traveling.




I authorize All Travel & Cruise Center, Inc to give my credit card information  to:


 ________________________________  (name of the travel supplier)


for reservation number: ____________________.


It is understood that this information will only be used to verify that I have approved the amount specified for travel related services only. 

(Affiliate will need to call in client’s credit card payment to the travel supplier)


$_______________   amount to be charged to my card.


_____________________________ (print card holder’s name)



(address where credit card company sends the statement)


____________________ City   ___________  State  ___________________  Zip


___________________________ (phone number of cardholder)


________________________________Card number   _______Expiration Date


___________________________________________ Signature of Cardholder


Date of Travel: ________________


Affiliate name: ___________________________________



Our fax number: 1-815-361-9039  


         Use this form if the person paying is not traveling.  















“Vacation Packages” typically include airline tickets, transfers, and accommodations.  The following Tour Companies represent the major US airlines.  International airlines can be booked through consolidators.  The online booking engine on our website has a great selection.


  MLT Vacations  1-800-772-0011

  Enter “10501654”  ID: alltravel  Password: travel

  Worry Free Vacations, Northwest Airlines World Vacations


 Travel Impressions  1-800-284-0044

     ID: alltravel  Password: travel01


             Vax Vacation Access  (Funjet)  1-800-558-6654

     ID: russell falor  Password: karla1948



Affiliates can make bookings on our website booking engine at     


The following sites do not pay commissions, but may have lower fares                                                             


FREE AIRLINE TICKETS!   Charge all your purchases on a credit card that pays you back with airline miles.  The following website summarizes current credit cards that offer airline tickets:



NOTE: In most cases, you can save the service fees charged by online travel agency’s if you book online on the airlines websites.


Part-time affiliates cannot receive discounts for flights,  only agents with their own IATAN card can request travel agent reduced rates for airline tickets.


The best prices for airline tickets can be found at the online sites of the individual airline.      In most cases you will not incur a service fee.




Ideal travel insurance for frequent travelers or business travelers who are always on the go.
Travel Guard’s TravelRite® Annual plan offers coverage for up to one year regardless of the number of trips taken.  Maximum trip length for any given trip cannot exceed 90 days.
With our TravelRite
® Annual plan you’ll receive coverage in the event of trip-related
· Trip Cancellation/Interruption
· Emergency medical treatment (Sickness, Accident & Dental)
· Emergency medical transportation
· Hotel overbooking
· Car Rental Collision Coverage
· Baggage delay

 The TravelRite® Annual plan also includes the following Travel Guard services:
 Travel Medical Assistance
 Worldwide Travel Assistance
 LiveTravel Emergency Assistance










All Travel & Cruise Center, Inc.

Your address

Your city, Your State, Zip

Your phone number





Customer Name

Customer Address

Customer City, State, Zip






SERVICE                     DATE             FROM                        TO                  LEAVE           ARRIVE

US Airways                  15 Nov           Tampa            NYC               9:00 AM         11:30AM

Flight  3120                  6A aisle seat


US Airways                  20 Nov           NYC               Tampa            3:30 PM         6:00 PM

Flight 315                     10C window seat



                                                                           Ticket Price                           $202.00

                                                                           Service Fee                           $  20.00

                                                                                                               Total   $222.00




PAYMENT: Credit Card number ending in 7162 - exp. 01/04



Please call the airline to verify flight times and check-in time. (usually 1 hour early).

















              SCRIPT for booking hotels, car rentals or vacation Packages


“Hi, this is ____ from All Travel & Cruise Center.  I would like to make a reservation for  Mr./ Mrs. _____ on August 21st for 5 nights.  Please hold the reservation with their credit card number: ___________. Could you send an email to my agency confirming this booking?  Our email address is  If you have any questions, please call me at: ______ (your phone number”)



Please note: You must send us a completed Credit Card Authorization Form every time you give a travel supplier credit card information if the person paying is not traveling.  Most hotels and car rentals just need a credit card to hold the reservation.  You do not have to send in a credit card authorization form if the credit card is being used to “hold” a reservation.  Make sure you also email the reservation information to us.


NOTE:  IF you book a car rental through Thrifty or Dollar online, make sure you select the "GDS" rate --not the or rate.  IF you select the GDS rate, you get 10% commission -- but if you book on  the car rental company's website without being in the agent section / or  forget to select the GDS rate, the commission   is less (  In comparing  car rental rates, they were the same , it was just a different booking  ''page''. )






When you call a travel supplier, ask if they currently haven any “special fares” (senior citizen, resident, past guest, veteran) for the travel date you are inquiring about.




                      BOOKING POLICY


When ever you call a travel supplier and give them a client’s credit card, we will need a credit card authorization form faxed to the agency….if the person paying is not traveling.  Our fax number is: 1-815-361-9039  


If a travel supplier (such as a hotel or car rental company just needs a credit card to “hold” a reservation, you do not have to have to fax in a credit card authorization form, since you would not have used the client’s charge to pay for travel. 


ALWAYS email us the information on ALL reservations, even those you make online.   Make sure you include: guest name, travel supplier name, date of travel, your name.   












                 “10 Top Reasons to Take a Cruise”



VALUE:  Your accommodations, dining, entertainment, transportation to several  destinations are included in one price


ROMANCE:  Cabins: balcony and suites; spa services; room service;


CUISINE:  Buffets, private bistros, casual settings, ocean view seating, formal dining room; variety of exotic foods; all you can eat!  healthy food alternatives.


ACTIVITIES:  150+ ships; 1800 ports-of-call; endless onboard activities; pre and post cruise tours


SIMPLICITY:  Most expenses are pre-paid, liquor, gifts, and gambling not included


DESTINATIONS:  Fall asleep in one country and wake up in another!


FAMILY:  Children programs, adult activities, meeting spaces


PAMPERING:  First class service from experience staff members that have been trained to treat you like royalty.


SATISFACTION:  Cruises have a higher percentage of repeat guests than any other vacation experience.


RELAXATION & FUN: There is nothing like a cruise for both relaxation and fun.



Review of all cruise ships


SALES HINT:  If you are a light sleeper, don’t book a cabin by an elevator or below public spaces.   Ask where the service elevators are located.  They usually are not shown on the deck plans.


                                                        Activities on a cruise ship


   DAY TIME:                                                                                  NIGHT TIME


   SPA TREATMENTS                                                                       DANCING

   SWIMMING                                                                                  NIGHTLIFE IN PORT

   EXCURSIONS                                                                               MUSICAL REVUES

   EXERCISING                                                                                COMEDY, MAGIC SHOWS

   MOVIES                                                                                      GAMBLING

   LECTURES                                                                                  READING, Library

   SHOPPING                                                                                  LATE NIGHT BUFFETS

   GAMBLING                                                                                  CHILDREN ACTIVITIES

   CHILDREN ACTIVITIES                                                     SUNSETS AT SEA  

   BINGO                                                                                          KARAOKE


             List of available Theme Cruises








                 HOW TO BOOK CRUISES


We have 3 sources for you to book cruises:


1.                Call the 800 numbers or book online – see page 34 and 32

2.                Use our online booking engine found on our website

3.                Page 32 gives the websites for the major cruise lines


You can search by price (lowest to highest), destination, ship name, sailing locations on our online booking engine.


                                The following cruise lines pay a higher commission

                                         if you book on our online booking engine. 


             Norwegian Cruise Lines   13.6%        Holland America    13.6%              

             Carnival Cruise Lines       13.6%        MSC                         15.3%                        


        We get more commission by booking direct with the following cruise lines:


               Royal Caribbean  15%                      Celebrity   15%                     

               Carnival                12%                     Costa        13%       

               Princess               15%                     Cunard     10%      

               Crystal                  10%                                                           






There are several firms that will notify you when the price of your cruise      bookings drop. 


                                                            they charge a fee


























YOU: Hi, this is ______________ with All Travel & Cruise Center, Inc. I'm checking availability for an outside cabin on your ship the __(name of ship)__ for two people on your October 14th sailing from Miami. 


CRUISE LINE: What is your telephone number? Or  what is your CLIA/IATAN number?


YOU:  Our agency number is (813) 600-0807 Our agency IATAN/CLIA number is 10----4


CRUISE: What category are you looking for?


YOU: They would like the least expensive outside cabin available.


CRUISE: That would be category "G" on the "A" deck. I have two cabins left. They are cabin A114 and A153 for $1249.00 per person. Which cabin would your clients like?


YOU: They would like A114.


CRUISE: What are the passengers' names?


YOU: They are ________________ and _________________.


CRUISE: Are there any special medical or dietary needs?


YOU: No, there aren't any.


CRUISE: Would your clients like 1st or 2nd seating in the dining room?


YOU: They prefer 2nd seating.


CRUISE: Will your clients need airfare ?


YOU: Yes.


CRUISE: Your clients will be booked on Delta Airlines out of LAX to Miami. You will receive the flight schedule 30 days before their sailing date. The airfare is $219.00 per person. Okay, let me go over this with you. We have your client’s _____________ and _____________ confirmed on our cruise out of Miami on October 14th in outside cabin number A114. They are scheduled for the 2nd seating. The cruise price is $1119.00 per person plus the air add-on of $219.00 per person.  The government tax of $45.00 per person and the port charges are $139.00/pp.  Transfers from the airport to the pier are $25.00/pp round trip.   The total cost is $1538.00 per person. (This is the amount your client would pay, do not pay the “net” amount).  We need a deposit in our office no later than _____________.  Your final payment is due 75 days before the sailing date. Your booking number is ____________________.


YOU: Thank you.  Will you kindly send an email confirmation of the booking to my agency.  Their email address is  Please put in your records my full name and my phone. 


             DO NOT accept cash. Client’s personal checks must be payable to: All Travel & Cruise Center, Inc.   

                     Agents are not permitted under Florida law to pay with their credit cards for clients travel.


Most cruise lines require agents residing outside the U.S. and Canada to work with a travel agency in their country.  We suggest you develop a relationship with a local travel agency so you can receive referral fees or commission on cruise bookings.  U.S. travel agencies cannot book cruises for guests not living in the U.S. or Canada.  Foreign agents can book hotels and resorts, trains, and cars through our agency.                                                                     



      See the QUESTION & ANSWER SECTION regarding mailing of cruise documents….


All Cruise Passengers need a valid Passport. 

Certified copies of birth certificates will not be accepted.


COMPANY POLICY:  Make sure you pay the gross amount on any travel.  Commission checks are mailed out the week of the sailing.  DO NOT pay the “net” amount



1)     Find out which destination your client wishes to sail

a.     E., W., S. Caribbean

b.    Mexican Rivera

c.     Alaska

d.    Europe

e.     Exotic

2)     Do the research on available ships (look in Yahoo Travel)

3)     Find out from client the following information:

a.     Guest names and date of births

b.    Type of cabin: inside, ocean view, balcony, suite

c.     Dining preference: early, late

d.    Any diet or medical needs?

e.     Whether they will need airfare

f.     Whether they will need transfers from the airport or will they take a taxi

g.    TRAVEL INSURANCE (use Travel Insured or Travel Guard). Have client check to see if Medicare will cover them outside the U.S. Cruise Lines only cover your luggage up to $100.00 per cabin!

        h. Get credit card number and expiration date from client      

4)     Call the cruise line or book online, see pages 30 and 24,

a.     Give the information to the cruise booking rep or enter it online

5)     Fax in to us the credit card authorization form if the cardholder is not sailing

6)     Fill out the booking information

7)     Make sure the cruise lines emails a copy of the reservation to us

8)     Pre cruise documents will not be mailed, check the cruise line website


SALES HINT:  Departing from a cruise…Allow sufficient time to get from the pier to the airport. Typically 3 hours.


SALES HINTS:  If you are a light sleeper, don’t book a cabin by an elevator or near/below the public spaces.   Ask where the service elevators are located.  They usually are not shown on the deck plans.


ALWAYS have the cruise line email the travel agent copy of booking to us .  DO NOT have them fax it.





        On page 19 is a list of the travel insurance companies. 

               We suggest anyone with health issues secure a policy prior to traveling.




Eligible for shipboard credits up to $250.00 (14+ night sailings)








            CRUISE e-DOCUMENTS


Most cruise lines now use e-docs and charge a service fee for paper docs.




At the bottom of the page you will see “Fun Pass

click “Fun Pass


ROYAL CARIBBEAN                        

click “Before You Board”

click “Online Check-in”



click “Before You Board”

click “Online Check-in”



click “Prepare for Your Cruise”

click “Cruise Personalizer”





Kindly let us know the email address you wish to receive their e-docs

We will contact Holland America.








If you have 10 or more clients want to do the same excursion, may we suggest you  check on Cruise Critic and search on Google for local tour firms.


Prices are typically 50% less than what the cruise lines charge.  You can add a 20% commission (you keep the entire 20%).


Please note :  The group would need to pay the agency by personal check and we would then pay the tour company





With your affiliation you are able to sell travel to groups. What a great way to earn money!

If you have the contacts, we will help you sell!


Weddings, business training, sales conventions and educational seminars, incentive/sale contests,

Business meetings, continuing education seminars, reunions/family gatherings, special interest groups ( arts & crafts, dance, cards, golf, etc.) retirement communities, travel clubs, churches, fund raising,   Remember the FREE fares and amenity points!  


The travel suppliers are very helpful, just let them know you are a “new agent” .


Become a group specialist. You can develop a very successful business if you let those you know and come into contact with that you market group cruises.  Here’s a summary of what the steps:


    Ask how much the deposit for each cabin category.

 Reserve at least 20% more cabins to cover last minute bookings.

            Find out how long you have until the deposit are due

Select the group amenity…typically onboard ship credit is best

Remember, you get 100% of the “Tour Conductor” credits, usually 1 FREE for every 15 guests booked

Market your group business using business cards and flyers

            Pass your cards out to everyone you know and meet

            Post flyers on bulletin boards (grocery, drug, beauty shops, dry cleaners, car dealers)

            Post your groups on your Facebook page

            Run Craig Lists ads

            Leave your business cards in waiting rooms, restaurants, etc.


Payments for all deposits is typically done by giving the guest’s credit card information directly to the cruise line.  If you plan to collect checks, they need to be payable to ALL TRAVEL & CRUISE CENTER and must be received 10 days prior to the final payment date.  Money orders must be received 5 days prior the final payment date.  Personal checks for the FINAL payment must arrive in our office at least 10 business days prior to the due date. DO NOT accept cash.  Client’s personal checks must be payable to: All Travel & Cruise Center, Inc.  Agents are not permitted under Florida law to pay with their credit cards for clients travel.


Cruise Lines typically give “tour conductor” credits (free cabins).  Usually 1 free guest for every 15 guests sold.  Make sure you ask the cruise representative what are the best “TC’s” available for the approximate time you wish to sail.

Also other amenities may be available for groups.  Cocktail parties, wine, flowers, onboard ship credit (the guest’s can use the credit to pay for their purchases they make while on the ship), cabin upgrades, bonus commission (you receive 100% of any bonus commissions!)  matching money for fund-raisers, etc.  Make sure you has the cruise representative what list of amenities are available for your group.


If your group needs meeting space and or supplies (video, audio, refreshments) let the cruise line rep know.  You will then find out if the specific ship you wish to sail can handle your requirements.


You can also schedule airfare with the cruise lines representative.   


Hotels & Resorts    Ask to speak to the “sales manager”  Give that person : the number of guests, type of accommodations needed, what type of meeting space and equipment is necessary.  You may need to then contact the “food & beverage manager” if your group needs to plan a luncheon, dinner, or just refreshments during the meeting. Make sure you ask if the food & beverage manager if they offer a commission to the travel agency!


Experienced affiliates may wish to check into blocking spacing direct with the airlines.  Remember, All Travel & Cruise Center does not have a GDS system (Amadeus, Worldspan, etc).  The airline will need to issue the tickets and accept our IATAN or CLIA number.











COMPANY POLICY:  You must have on deposit with the cruise line their minimum requirements per person at all times… the agency must have a summary sheet detailing the amount each passenger has paid by each dead line required by the cruise line.      


REMEMBER:  Carnival, Royal Caribbean,  Celebrity , Cunard, Costa, and Crystal pay higher pay higher commissions if you book direct with these cruise lines.  All other cruise lines pay higher commissions if you use our online booking engine.


                                                                 TRAVEL INSURANCE

Travel Insurance
  It never fails, someone always wants to cancel at the last minute.  Make sure you let your guest know about the different types of travel insurance available.


Cruise Lines and Tour Companies do not offer extended coverage if your luggage is lost or stolen.  Typically you will only be covered for $50.00 to $100.00 per cabin!  Travel insurance gives you additional protection.


Medical coverage is typically not covered by most health insurance carriers if you are outside the U.S.  The cost to fly you back to the U.S. can be very expensive.   Customary charges on cruise ships and in ports of call can be rather expensive.


Health concerns of the client, family members may also be a reason to add travel insurance.



Travel Guard  AGENTLINK: 10501654 phone:  1-800-826-1300

Allianz Travel Insurance   1-855-524-3687

              email address:   ID: Scooter1995#

MedjetAssist   you select which hospital will be their final destination



 You may want to check out the yearly travel insurance policies.                                                                                              
















                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          INCENTIVE TRAVEL


Incentive travel should not be considered an “expense” for a company.  Incentive travel increases performance, sales, morale. 

Here’s are some examples: 


1.            Sell 12 cruises to a sales organization.  The general manager gives the cruises away to the top 3 sales people per quarter.  Each cruise has a value of $1000.00. The company pays for the cruises each quarter, but signs a letter of commitment for 12 cruises.


2.            All sale personnel that exceed their sales goals, get a 4 night cruise!


3.            Buy a home and get a vacation before you move in!


4.            Buy a new car, appliance package, remodel your kitchen, buy new furniture



               Company personnel are pampered

               The costs of the travel award are known in advance and can be fixed

               Items that can be included in the travel incentive package:

               Meals, entertainment, accommodations, liquor, excursions, shopping

               allowance, golf, etc.










               Insurance                                          Farm equipment

               Auto parts                                          Office supplies

               Electronics                                        Homebuilders/ Real Estate

               Auto/truck dealers                           Cosmetics

               Heating/air conditioning                Appliances



                            SHORE EXCURSIONS

You may want to wait and book excursions upon arrival at the pier.                              Prices may be less than booking on the ship.                                              











              WHERE TO FIND CLIENTS!


If you are new to being a sales representative, may we suggest you let everyone you know that you can now book their travel needs, whether it be for business or pleasure.


The best way to let people know you are a travel agent is to pass out your business cards.  See the example in the Appendix on page 24 guidelines.


You may want to add a line on your business card, stating your “specialty”


                                                             Cruise Specialist

                                                     Family Vacation Specialist

                                                              Business Travel




 Spheres of Influence….                                      Occasions…..

     Family                                                                         Reunions

     Friends                                                                     Weddings

     Neighbors                                                              Continuing Education

     Business Associates                                            Group Getaways

     Social contacts                                                          Sales Meetings    

     Retirement communities                                         Incentive Travel

     Churches, Charities  (fundraising)


     Pass out those business cards!

     Ask to put a counter display in local merchant locations

           Dry Cleaners

           Beauty Salons


           Grocery & Drug Stores

           Banks & Credit Unions



Pin your business card on bulletin boards.

Give several of your cards to those you know and have them pass them out to people they know that will be going on vacation in the near future


Build a client email list for future business!

Travel suppliers send out “travel deals” all the time, reduced rates on destinations that have not sold out. 


You may want to compose your own newsletter monthly, with the best cruise deals, all-inclusive resorts, and vacation packages. 


Use the website sites below to find the best deals!

We receive “cruise specials” daily.  Let us know if you wish to receive these emails.

You can then use the best deals as part of your newsletter!









            YOU CAN SAVE MONEY

                      ENJOY TRAVEL AGENT DISCOUNTS!


You can get discounts:

As an independent, home-based travel agent you are eligible for discounts at hotels, car rental companies, cruises, plus theme parks and other attractions. In most cases, the hotel, car rental company or theme park will accept an agent's business card. However, you must contact the travel supplier in advance to find out their particular requirements for a travel agent discount. 


Tell the travel supplier that you are a part-time travel agent and do not have your own IATA, IATAN, or CLIA card, Sometime a reservation agent will ask if you “are on the agency’s IATAN/IATA list”.  You must earn $5,000.00+ a year to get your own IATAN card.   CLIA requirements: You must have sold a minimum of 1 cruise in order to get a CLIA card and complete CLIA requirements for membership.




Part-time affiliates do not qualify for airline discounts, you must have your own IATAN card to request discounts from the airlines.  See page 3 for IATAN’s requirements.  Only those affiliates that have their own IATAN ID can request airline discounts.  CLIA members can request airline discounts  on selected airlines.  Check current availability on CLIA’s website


                 The following websites search for the lowest airfare


                       The above websites do not pay commissions


Upgrades:  Once aboard your flight, see if there are any empty seats in business class or first class.  With a smile on your face, explain to the flight attendant just before the flight is ready to depart that you are a new travel agent, and have recommend their airline often.  Would it be possible to occupy one of the vacant seats in first/business class.  About 25% of the time this approach will work!


Group Insurance Available


Aetna has several programs available for independent contractors.  Contact an Aetna rep in your area and inquire to their programs. 


Here’s how their programs work: A minimum of $1,500.00 per month is needed as “salary”.  This is considered payroll.  A payroll administrator is designated.  The administrator will deduct the “employer” and “employee” payroll expenses, plus the cost of the group coverage and then send back to you the balance.  Discounted dental, vision and prescription care is also available.                                    







Marriott Properties require you to have an IATAN card or CLIA card in order to request

Discounted rates and to participate in their FAM-Tastics FAM rate program.


The “Travel Agent Educational Rate” is offered by  the Starwood group: Sheraton, Four Points, W. Hotels, Westin, St. Regis and Luxury Connection.  Ask if the “Travel Agent Education Program rate” is available.  Rates start at only $39.00 per night and can be requested for up to 3 nights.  Call the following 800 numbers to see if a particular hotel has availability for the nights you wish to stay:


Sheraton      1-800-325-3535                                                     Westin       1-800-228-3000

Four Points  1-800-365-7764                                                  St. Regis      1-877-787-3447

W. Hotels     1-877-946-8357                                   Luxury Collection     1-800-325-3589


NOTE:  The “Travel Agent Educational Rate” may not be available at all hotels/resorts for  part-time agents, especially those in Hawaii.


Stanwood ( Sheraton, Westin…)requires a Letter of Affiliation  (the service fee for us to prepare the letter is $10.00) and you will need to present a business card when you check in.  Email us the reservation information so the letter can be prepared and faxed to you. You can request up to three Starwood discounts per year.


HYATT Resorts and Hotels require travel agents to have their own IATAN card (full-time).       If you are a part-time affiliate DO NOT call these properties.


* Important Note:  Do not confuse the IATAN list or card with your personal travel agent I.A.T.N. (International Association of Travelers Network) ID card that you received from us.



A $25.00 service fee will be charged to your account for each travel agent rate you obtain and are not qualified to receive..


False statements to travel suppliers may result in severe legal penalties.          





With parking fees climbing, you may want to find a hotel that offers free parking and shuttle  service to the pier.  Check on for available hotels that offer free parking while you are cruising.


The Radisson at Pt. Canaveral pays commission.


Park & Cruise at Pt. Canaveral                             


Please enter the agency’s IATAN number under where it asks for the number of passengers










The following will give you an idea of what type of discounts are available to you


Hotels and Resorts: 

10% - 50% Discount.  Upgrades where available.


Car Rentals: 

10% - 50% Discount.  Free unlimited mileage.


Cruises and Steamships: 

25% - 75% Discount.



25% - 50% Discount. Some tours are free.


Theme Parks & Attractions: 

10% - 100% Discount.  Often includes discount on members in your party. (Please note: DISNEY and Universal Studios do not offer discounts for admission to “part-time” travel agents.)



What to say to a gate agent to get an upgrade to first or business class. With a “smile” ask: "Hi. I wanted to know if there was availability for an upgrade today.  I am a part-time travel agent and would appreciate your help."  It is best to wait and ask about 5 minutes prior the gate attendant calling “last call for the boarding the plane.


The best time to ask is after you have taken your seat.  Give your business card to a flight attendant.  Ask the flight attendant “Hi! I noticed there is space if first class, I am a new part-time travel agent, would it be possible to occupy one of the empty seats?”




Ask the tour company if they offer a discount to “part-time” travel agents that do not have their own IATAN or CLIA card.  If they do, we will prepare a Letter of Affiliation and fax it to the travel supplier. The service fee is $25.00


If the tour company offers a “net price” as your travel agent rate, you still need to pay to the agency’s portion of the commission, since the tour company is just deducting the entire commission and calling it a travel agent rate. 













                                              HOTELS AND RESORTS



Many hotels give part-time travel agents reduced rates.  We suggest you contact several travel suppliers so the best rate can be found.  Agents may only request one room, up to 3 nights per stay, 4 requests per year.


Suggest Script:  “Hi, My name is ____ and I am a part-time travel agent with All Travel & Cruise Center in Tampa, Fl.  Do you have a travel agent rate available for (date).  My agency will supply a Letter of Affiliation if necessary.  I do not have my own IATAN or CLIA card.  It’s best to call the hotel direct when requesting travel agent rates.


Do not call any Marriott property, Ritz-Carlton, or Hyatt

they only give discounts IATAN or CLIA carfd holders.           

1.     Confirm the rate and get the reservation number and get the person’s name you spoke with.

2.     Some hotels may ask for our  number when making the reservation. Have our agency  number available - It is and appears on your ID card.

3.     Most hotels will require that you present your business card at check-in.

4.     In addition to discounts, many hotels will upgrade your room at no additional cost if space is available. Ask about this at check-in.

5.     Most hotels charge fees for tennis, parking, health clubs, etc. In some cases these services are free to travel agents. Inquire at check-in.

6.     The amount of discount will vary with the hotel and the season. Off-season discounts are generally more generous. Larger chains and luxury hotels often give greater discounts during these times. (Note: Travel agent discount bookings are non-commissionable to both you and the agency.) Remember, almost all hotels give a discount to travel agents. Refer to Appendix #2 in this handbook for a listing of major hotel chains and their toll free numbers.


The Starwood Group (Sheraton, Westin…) offer a “travel agent educational rate” to part-time agents.  The Hilton hotels also give travel agent rates to part-time affiliates.  Agents may only request up to 3 nights per year at any one property.


Agents may not accept nor pay NET FARES, they are not travel agent rates. 

Agents will be assessed a $10.00 per night fee if they request and get non-commissionable rates.



Car rental companies offer special “travel agent rates”*. Discounts are up to 50% off, but may vary depending on availability and seasonal demand.  Hertz requires agents to have their own IATAN card.

1.    It's advisable to call a central reservation number. See Appendix #3 in this handbook for a listing of major car rental companies and toll free numbers.

2.    Tell the reservationists that you are a part-time travel agent and that you are requesting a discount.

3.    Ask for the rate for the type of car and time period desired. You will be quoted a rate.

4.    You’ll be required to show a  business card at check-in.

5.    Shop around for the best discount. Discounts will vary for each car rental company depending on the date and city.


Try: Avis and Alamo offer discounts to CLIA members.  Check to see if a Letter of Affiliation will get you the CLIA rate if you don’t have a CLIA ID.    

                consolidator site for hotels                             often has rates lower than full-time travel agent rates!









   You no longer need to have a CLIA card in order to request a travel agent rate on a cruise!


Our policy is that you only have to have sold a minimum of 1 cabin on THAT cruise line

you wish to acquire a travel agent rate within 12 months of requesting a travel agent rate.

Your request for a travel agent rate can only be for the same number of nights or shorter.

EXAMPLE:  You cannot sell a 3 night cruise and request a 7 night travel agent rate.  Only

1 cabin per family.   Agents need to be productive to request Travel Agent Rates.


The cruise line you request may also have additional requirements. 

EXAMPLE: Carnival requires all agents to have booked a minimum of 5 cabins before

requesting a travel agent rate.   The other cruise lines do not have strict policy in place, but want you first to have sold their product prior to requesting a travel agent rate.

          Go to page 45 for the information on each cruise lines.


Please remember the cruise lines contact us on each travel agent rate request, so make sure you have met the requirements.  


             Page 42 lists the major cruise lines, their websites and their 800 phone numbers.


Looking for an inexpensive cruise? You can find it on our online booking engine.   Search by PRICE.  Once you   have found one, call that cruise line  (page 34).





1)    Book a group, cruise lines give “tour conductor credits” (free cabins).

2)    Get a cruise line credit card  (Carnival, Royal Caribbean)

3)    Complete online education (Princess, NCL) 

                These are considered travel agent rates



FREE parking at cruise ports…Check Google search for an updated list of locations


      Last minute deals:

     discount airfares                  you may have to attend a time-share “seminar”  air and resort packages






CLIA Membership


REQUIREMENTS: Please review the requirements on CLIA’s website    


With a CLIA ID you can get travel agent discounts with Princess Cruises, Royal Caribbean, Celebrity, Holland America, Norwegian Cruise Lines, and others.  Please check with other cruise lines if they accept CLIA ID’s.


You can also get travel agent rates on hotels, car rentals, and vacation packages from tour suppliers.


PLEASE NOTE: Requests for travel agent rates can only be for the maximum number of days of your longest saling. EXAMPLE….sell a 7 day cruise and you can take a 7 day cruise at the travel agent rate.  If you book a 4 day cruise, you can take a 4 day cruise at the travel agent rate.  EMAIL US prior to booking a travel agent reduced rate on Royal Caribbean or Celebrity.  You will not be approved unless we hear from you first.


If the cruise line requires a “Letter of Affiliation”, please email the following information: reservation number; passenger’s names; reservation number; name of the cruise line; name of the ship; and date of travel.  We will then send a letter to the cruise lines verifying your affiliation with our agency.   The fee for this service is $25.00 per booking.


Only active agents can request 1 travel agent reduced fare per year.  We will not honor additional requests unless you are booking cruises on a regular basis.      


                         Only one cabin per household per cruise line request.



































    Special Travel Industry Considerations For CLIA Affiliates


CLIA Individual Agent Membership


CLIA individual agent members (IAM) enjoy a wide array of benefits and resources to assist with navigating the overall cruise industry, attracting more clients, earning professional certifications and increasing overall income.


Get on board with CLIA and invest in yourself and your future.  Membership provides numerous genefits, including instant recognition from cruise lines and industry partners, a wide variety of traing and certification opportunities, priority status for FAM trips and ship inspections, plus up to $2,000 in cruise lines and partner discounts.

See more at








































































28   (no pages 29-32)





Availability of discounts varies widely from 10% to 75%. If you are interested in a particular tour or vacation package you should do the following:

1.    Ask if there is a discount available for “part-time” travel agents and how much it is.

2.    Find out what qualifications are required to be eligible for the discount.  Many of the tour companies will give you the full-time travel agent rate if you have a CLIA card.

3.    If verification is required from your travel agency, contact the Travel Desk at                    (813) 600-0807.  You will be charged a $25.00 processing fee per booking.


Theme parks and other attractions offer discounts or free admission to travel agents.  The amount of discount varies widely. It is always best to call the park or attraction before arrival. Always ask if a “part-time” travel agent discount is available even at smaller attractions; you will be surprised how many will offer substantial savings. There are hundreds of attractions that offer discounts and/or FREE admission. In most cases you will only need to present you ID and/or business card at the gate.


Please note: DISNEY and Universal Studios do not offer discounts for admission or for accommodations to “part-time” travel agents.  Only CLIA and IATAN card holders can request TA discounts. . 



“FAM” (Familiarization Trips)


One of the best advantages of being a travel agent is being able to visit exciting destination at below market prices to get familiar with the destination so you can tell others and book travel to that resort, hotel, spa etc.  Check availability at

You will need to register on the site allow part-time travel agent to participate.   Affiliates would need to join their organization(s)    Kindly let us know if their policy changes.


When you call an organizer of a FAM Trip, make sure you let them know you are a “part-time travel agent”.  If you do not have your own IATAN or CLIA card, also let the organizer know this fact.  Remember, you are not on the agency’s IATAN list unless you have your own IATAN card.


RAIL Discounts & Bookings


You need to have your own IATAN card (no exceptions) to get travel agent rates on Rail Europe.  Amtrak is not available for IATAN card holders.


Use to book U.S. Amtrak tickets


WARNING: False statements to travel suppliers may result in severe legal penalties.              










                       REFERENCE GUIDE TOURS


                                       Check out the “travel specials” on these sites !


ABERCOMBIE & KENT  A luxury travel company. 

     Africa, Antarctica, Canal & River Cruising, Middle East, Europe, India, Orient,

     Australia, private jets,  private journeys, South America & Galapogos,    ID: rfalor  Password: travel  1-800-554-7016


APPLE VACATIONS All Inclusive resorts in Cancun, Dominican Republic,  ID: 10501654  Password: travel (pop up blocker must be turned off)


    Caribbean packages 

    ID:    Password: travel01    


     GRAND CANYON TOURS  save up to 40%  Also Las Vegas


HOMERIC TOURS   Greece  Tours and MSC cruises    1-866-394-9477


MAUPINTOUR TOURS  Worldwide upscale tours, smaller groups (20-25 people per tour)  1-800-255-4266


PLEASANT HOLIDAYS Holidays  Hawaii, Fiji, Tahiti, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico  do not book online, call them 1-800742-9244


SKI PACKAGES: preview the tour companies packages:  MTL, Travel Impressions, GoGo, Vacation Express, etc.   Destinations: 

      Sun Valley, Idaho Aspen, Vail, Breckenridge, Copper Mt., Snowmass, CO

      Steamboat Springs, Beaver Creek, Winter Park, CO

      Jackson Hole, WY;   Big Sky, MT;  Squaw Valley, CA;   Park City, Utah; 

      Lake Tahoe, NV;  Stowe, Pico, VT;  Waterville Valley, Cannon, Loon NH    
      Sunday River, Big Squaw, ME;  Taos Ski Valley, NM (no snowboards)


SUNTRIPS  Costa Rica, Hawaii, Mexico, Azores    inexpensive to moderate     ID:  Password: suntrips

     1-800 SUNTRIPS


TRAVEL IMPRESSIONS  Caribbean, NYC, Florida, Calif., Las Vegas, Hawaii, Mexico, Europe, Central America / South America, Sandals, Super Clubs, Walt Disney, Allegro, Delta Vacations.   ID: Falor   Password:  lezeketa  1-800-284-0044


     VAXVACATIONS ACCESS     Blue Sky Tours Southwest Vacations Club Med TNT Vacations Funjet Vacations United Vacations MGM Resorts Vacations VAX Hotels Showtime Tours VAX Published Air

     See  for a list of all vendors.  email us and we will sign you up with this vendor


WORRYFREE VACATIONS  (also known as MLT Vacations)

Delta Vacations,  Continental Vacations,United Vacations, Alitalia Vacations, Areomexico

    Caribbean, Alaska and Hawaii vacations

     ID: 10501654, then “ALLTRAVELl” Password: TRAVEL


VACATION EXPRESS  Aruba, Cancun, Cozumel, Costa Rica, Puerto Plata, Punta Cana, Orlando   login ID: alltravelcruise , Password: travel01



VIRGIN VACATIONS England, France, Italy, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Jamaica, Hong Kong  ID: 10501654     Password: 2282                                           














Online booking engine


Allegikant air


air, hotels, cars

agency IATAN number


air, hotels, cars



air, hotels, cars








Rail Europe

agency IATAN number


all inclusive resorts



all inclusive resorts



all inclusive resorts


Atlantis resort



concerts, sport events, theater



consolidator airfare




agency IATAN number


gay & lesbian tours, cruises





homes, condos for rent

agency IATAN number


Marriott hotels, resorts

agency IATAN number


Hilton hotels, resorts

Register on the website


Carnival Cruise Lines

Register on the website





Costa Cruise Lines 


Crystal Cruise Lines

Email us we will register you





Disney Cruise Lines



Holland America Cruise Lines

Email us we will register you


P & O Cruises

   agency code: US115022



MSC Cruises

russfalor (at Travel Partners)                


Norwegian Cruise Lines


Oceania Cruise Lines

Email us we will register you


Princess Cruise Lines

Register on the website


Royal Caribbean International





Viking River Cruises


Uniworld River Cruises



Disney parks

agency IATANnumbe russell falor


tour packages

agency IATAN number


tour packages

call 1-800-742-9244


tour packages


tour packages

Email us we will register you


tour packages

agency IATAN number


tour packages

10Z1825 (then) alltravel


tour packages



tour packages

Sabre PCC is BOGC


tour packages


tour packages



tour packages , Univ. Studios


tour packages-Caribbean



tours, excursions

agency IATAN number





Travel Impressions

IATAN # put in AgentLink area


travel insurance



travel insurance


travel specials, FAM trips


Rail Euro                                           travel01               travel insurance







 Travel Related Sites



Google, enter city name & airport

example: "Tampa airport"

airline delays weather info


cruise information

daily cruise news


info on cruise lines


info on ports


Cruise Line Internat'l


travel specials



travel auctions


small cruise ships info


all-inclusive resorts


travel specials


10 day forcast


currency exchange rates


travel magazine


travel magazine



travel magazine


travel newpaper


travel magazine


travel magazine


spa magazine


passport info


visa info


flight tracking info


flight info


weather info


metric conversion


money exchanges


driving directions


free wi-fi spots


                                                                    legal news for cruisers                    




























      Appendix 1, 2, 3, 4, 5




AIRLINES (Appendix #1)


AUTO RENTALS (Appendix #3)






Air Canada


Auto Europe


Air France




Air India




Air Jamaica












America West




British Air














CRUISE LINES (Appendix #4)




























Delta Steamboat


HOTELS (Appendix #2)





Best Western



Holland America




MSC Italian Cruises










Comfort Inn




Courtyard by Marriott


Regent 7 Seas


Days Inn


Royal Caribbean




Royal Olympic


Econo Lodge




Extended Stay




Guest Quarters


Viking River Cruise


Hampton Inn


TOUR COMPIES (Appendix #5)



America West


Holiday Inn


American Express


Howard Johnson


Apple Vacations  (All Inclusive)




Beaches  (All Inclusive)


Knights Inn


Brendan Tours




CIE Tours




Club Med (All Inclusive)






Ritz Carlton


Delta Vacations




GoGo Vacations


Scottish Inns


Hyatt Vacations




MLT Vacations




NW Vacations


Travel Lodge


Sandals (All Inclusive)




Southwest Vacations





Travel Impressions


Vax Vacations (Funjet)


                                                                                      Best Las Vegas Tours                     1-866-688-2377






                                              ONLINE BOOKING ENGINE


You and your client’s can now book travel online on our booking engine found on our website on the left side of the page.  Make sure you or your client enters YOUR email address when the booking engine asks for an email address for the guest/passenger(s).


Using your email address instead of the guest’s email address,  will let us know who gets paid the commission.


Airline tickets, car rentals, cruises, hotels/resorts, sporting events & concerts, Vegas shows, cell phones, theme parks, and more!


The travel prices on the booking engine are very competitive.  REZConnect uses GDS systems such as Amadeus, Worldspan, etc;; and current published rates.


We currently receive 15% from Carnival, Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Cruise lines, so you may not want to use the online booking engine since a lower commission is paid on these vendors.


COMMISSIONS structure: We will receive 85% of the following commissions                           


CRUISE LINES                                                        TOUR OPERATORS                                   

                                                                                    Apple Vacations                       15%                                                                   

                                                                                    Brennan Tours, Vacations    13%

Costa Cruise Lines               17%                         CIE Tours                                   14%

Curnard Line                          15%                         Club Med                                    14%            

Disney Cruises                      13%                         Delta Vacations                        15%

Holland America Line           16%                         pays 5% for airfare

Princess Cruises                   15%                         Funjet

Regent Cruises                      13%                         internat’l air/land                       15%

Windstar Cruises                  16%                         domestic  air/land                     13%

    MSC Cruises                        17%                         tours only                                     12%

    NCL                                      16%

    Viking River                         16%



    TOUR OPERATORS                                              TOUR OPERATORS

    GOGO Tours                        13%                            Insight Vacations                     13%

    Globus & Cosmos             10-17%                       Sandals Resort                         15%

    Hyatt Vacations                   5-14%                        Super Clubs                              13%

                                                                                        Trafalgar Tours                        16%


Auto Europe                           14%

Avis                                     5-10%

Others                                 5-17%


Other websites, such as those listed on page 22, may have lower prices.  You can check the commission rates for all of our suppliers on






    Make Extra Copies Prior To Using


    AFFILIATE NAME:______________________________________________________________________________



NAME OF CLIENT(S)___________________________________________________________________________

TELEPHONE NUMBER(S)_______________________________________________________________________

TICKET DELIVERY INSTRUCTIONS, IF APPLICABLE_________________________________________________




DEPARTING FROM____________________________________________________________________________


DATE OF DEPARTURE / RETURN________________________________________________________________

SEATS DESIRED / SEATS ASSIGNED_____________________________________________________________

CLASS CATEGORY____________________________________________________________________________

SPECIAL REQUESTS: DIETARY / MEDICAL / SENIOR FARE__________________________________________

E -TICKET / REGULAR TICKET / BOARDING PASSES________________________________________________

SUPPLIER / TELEPHONE_______________________________________________________________________

RECORD LOCATOR OR CONF. # / SPOKE TO______________________________________________________

PRICE QUOTED / FARE BASIS CODE_____________________________________________________________




NAME OF SHIP________________________________________________________________________________

SAILING DATE_________________________TRANSFERS TO THE SHIP _________________________________                     

CABIN NUMBER / CATEGORY / INSIDE OR OUTSIDE CABIN_______________________________________________

INCLUSIVE AIR INFO_________________________________________________________________________________

DINING ROOM PREFERENCES_______________________________________________________________________

PRE OR POST CRUISE EXCURSIONS_________________________________________________________________

BOOKING NUMBER________________________________________________________________________________

PAYMENT OPTIONS DATES: DEPOSIT, FINAL PAYMENT_________________________________________________

ADDRESS FOR PAYMENT TO CRUISE LINE____________________________________________________________

FORM OF PAYMENT THE CRUISE LINE ACCEPTS_______________________________________________________

CANCELLATION POLICY & INSURANCE________________________________________________________________



NAME OF TOUR COMPANY_____________________________________________________________________

NAME OF HOTEL(S)________________________________________________________________________________

DATE OF TRAVEL: FROM/TO WHAT CITY_________________________________________________________


TRANSFERS / MEALS INCLUDED________________________________________________________________

OPTIONAL CANCELLATION INSURANCE WAIVER__________________________________________________

BOOKING NUMBER____________________________________________________________________________

ADDRESS FOR PAYMENT TO TOUR COMPANY____________________________________________________

FORM OF PAYMENT THE TOUR COMPANY ACCEPTS_______________________________________________

PAYMENT OPTIONS: DEPOSIT, FINAL PAYMENT___________________________________________________

CANCELLATION POLICY & INSURANCE___________________________________________________________



NUMBER OF PEOPLE IN EACH ROOM____________________________________________________________

DATES OF ARRIVAL / DEPARTURE_______________________________________________________________

ROOM TYPE OR CATEGORY____________________________________________________________________

CORPORATE OR DISCOUNT NUMBER, IF APPLICABLE______________________________________________

GUARANTEE ROOM FOR LATE ARRIVAL WITH CREDIT CARD _______________________________________

CANCELLATION POLICY________________________________________________________________________

ROOM RATE QUOTED_________________________________________________________________________

CONFIRMATION # / DATE OF RESERVATION / AGENT'S NAME_______________________________________

ADDRESS AND PHONE NUMBER OF HOTEL_______________________________________________________

SPECIAL REQUESTS__________________________________________________________________________

CHECK IN/OUT TIMES_________________________________________________________________________



CAR RENTAL COMPANY_______________________________________________________________________

PICK UP / DROP OFF CITY______________________________________________________________________

PICK UP / DROP OFF DATE_____________________________________________________________________

CAR SIZE (TYPE)______________________________________________________________________________

AIRPORT OR OTHER THAN AIRPORT LOCATIONS__________________________________________________

RATE PER DAY, WEEK, AND/OR MONTH__________________________________________________________

CONFIRMATION NUMBER______________________________________________________________________                                                                           












    Make Extra Copies Prior To Using


   NAME            TELEPHONE                      ADDRESS


















































Client's Name


City, State, Zip




I am writing to you to announce my affiliation with International Association of Travelers Network as a Travel Consultant. 


I.A.T.N. Travel is a full service travel agency specializing in, cruises, vacation packages, tours, car rentals and hotel accommodations. I am enclosing a few of my business card for you to keep and pass along to a friend, family member and/or business associate whom you think may be requiring future travel arrangements.


For all of your travel needs, please call me at (XXX) XXX-XXXX.  Thank you.





Your Name


























ace bandage

address book, emergency phone numbers

alarm clock

aerial map of destinations (

alarm for door (sonic alarm: burglary)

alcohol wipes

air purifier face mask (air travel)

baby powder

allergy medicine

bathroom freshener


bed linens

brushes, combs

calculator (shopping)

cloves (tooth ache)

camera film


carry all bag (beach, shopping)

eye drops

currency converter

first aid kit

ear plugs


extra batteries, camera

hair spray


hair spray, gel

eyeglasses repair kit

hand disinfectant (Purell, hand wipes)

gel pack (hot/cold)


hair dryer

nail clippers

hat, sun visor, scarf

nail file

insect repellant

nail polish

insect spray (roaches, ants, etc…)


iron, steamer

nose spray

laundry soap


lint brush

personal hygiene

Lysol wipes


money pouch (steel cords & waterproof )

sea sick patches

mugs, insulated (32 oz.)

sex protection

pen, marker

phone card

shampoo & conditioner

pillow liners, plastic

shaver, razor

pillow, blow up (for sleeping on aircraft)


plastic bags (store items, food, dirty clothes)

skin lotion

prescription medicines

soap (body & face)

rain gear

stomach medicine (Peptol Bismol, Tums)

room disinfectant (Lysol)


sewing kit

tooth, lost fillings or chipped ("Dentatemp"

shoe polish, bags,


sleep mask


snacks (nuts, candy, chips)


sunburn medicine (aloe)



collapsible tote bags


Swiss Army knife

super glue (repair nails, close cuts)

telephone (international calls cell phone)

fast drying underwear



Travel Check List:  Roll clothing such as t-shirts and non wrinkling pants to avoid hard creases or folds.  Wear bulky clothes instead of packing them when traveling to and from destinations.  Take collapsible totes, serves as an extra suitcase and carry on.  Consolidate toiletries when traveling with a companion.  Take fast drying underwear that you can wash in your hotel room.  If the water is a problem where you are going take an extra toothbrush.  Pack a flashlight.  Heavy items should be packed closest to the wheels of your luggage.  Take several large manila envelopes to store papers,          receipts, guidebooks.  Pack a “Swiss Army knife” (multi-purpose tool).













123 Main Street

Rochester, NY 14623

(716) 555-3728

                        SALES TIPS


Sell Service, not price

Prospects that want the lowest price will only go to another agent next time if you

don’t have the lowest price the next time.  If you sell service instead, you will develop customer loyalty.

The mega cruise ships
(over 3,000 passengers) are truly floating resorts.  24 hour activities for the entire family.  The cruise ships,  not the destinations are the reasons many passengers continue to sail the same destinations.  Check out The Oasis of the Seas


Best bargain in travel: CRUISES!  Once price includes:

All the food you can eat and most non-alcoholic beverages

Daily entertainment and activities

Visit several ports

Duty free shopping

Unpack you bags only once!


Weekend getaways!

Take a break, let someone else wash the dishes, make the beds, watch the kids!

Many hotels and resorts offer special weekend rates. 


Make travel arrangements for a group

Weddings; reunions, business meeting or sales incentive awards, continuing education classes, fund-raisers, special interest groups (poker tournament, meet your favorite celebrity)


Pass out your business card!

Neighbors, family members, civic and religious groups, bulletin boards.


Discounted travel …

Check the travel suppliers and newsletters for the recent “specials”


Review of all cruise ships  and


Tour Companies

Tour companies like Travel Impressions have 100’s of destinations available.  Airfare, transfers, and accommodations are packaged together at prices usually cheaper than buying separately.  Meals, activities and excursions can also be purchased.


Military Discounts

Ask the travel supplier if they offer a discount.  Most Cruise Lines and others do.  Retired  personnel may also qualify.


Incentive Market

Companies spend on the average $2,600.00 per person for travel awards.  Some cruise lines offer certificates which allows award winner to select their own type of cabin, excursions, and on board credit amount.  See page 17 for more details.


Airlines:  ask how many bags you can check for free



Ciprofloxacin runs about $2.00 a pill.   Usually one dose is enough


Take Rifazimin (xifaxan)   prior to eating in a foreign country.  About $5.00 a pill


        Monitor your cruise rates….

        Know when the cruise line has reduce prices 


             Booking car rentals

IF you book a car rental through Thrifty or Dollar online, make sure you select the "GDS" rate –not the or rate.  If you select the GDS rate, you get 10% commission -- but if you book on the car rental company's website without being in the agent section / or forget to select the GDS rate, the commission   is 3%. (  In comparing car rental rates, they were the same , it was just a different booking




                    BUSINESS CARDS



          Suggest having business card printed. has very reasonable prices.


          Vistaprint has several “travel” templates.


          Make sure your copy includes:

                All Travel & Cruise Center, Inc.

                YOUR NAME

                YOUR ADDRESS

                YOUR PHONE NUMBER

                YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS




  Travel Suppliers cannot tell if you are a full-time or a part-time travel agent when you present a business card





























If you live in or plan to do business in any of the following states (California, Florida, Nevada or Washington)  we  suggest you comply with their Seller of Travel registration.





           Fines for not registering can be up to $1,000.00








Cruise Lines


Amadeus Waterways              1-800-380-3865

Carnival Cruises Lines                                 1-800-327-9501

Celebrity Cruises                                  1-800-432-6559

Costa Cruises                                         1-800-462-6782

Cruise West                                                1-800-426-7702

Disney Cruise Lines                 1-800-511-1333

 Holland American                         1-800-424-3681

MSC Cruises                                   1-800-666-9333

Norwegian Coastal Voyage              1-800-323-7436

Norwegian Cruise Lines                               1-800-327-7030

Oceania Cruises                               1-800-531-5658

Peter Deilmann Cruises              1-800-348-8287

Platinum Seminars                      1-404-874-5890

Princess Cruise Lines                                  1-800-421-0522

Royal Caribbean                                1-800-327-6700

SilverSea Cruises                                      1-800-722-9955

Windjammer Barefoot Cruises                      1-800-327-2601

Viking River Cruises                     1-877-668-4546

Yachts of Seabourn                                    1-800-929-9595

















                                ALASKA TOURS


There are several ways of seeing Alaska.  Rent a car, view as part of a small tour, or see the sites as part of a major tour group.  First timers may want to do the last.   If you use a tour company to make your hotel accommodations, make sure they give you the booking number at each hotel within 24 hours after you have made your arrangements.


We suggest the experience of a motor coach (bus) one way and come back from the destination via rail.  The Alaska Railway McKinley Explorer has first class dome cars which will give your client the ultimate in rail travel.


Sunlight during the summer months extend to 18+ hours a day.


Tourist season typically runs mid May to September first, so don’t be surprised at the high cost of accommodations, typically $300.00+ during the peak period. 


Plan to pack clothes for all types of weather, and bring a rain breaker instead of an umbrella.


The major activities are: Denali National Park tours, tickets can be purchased thru, salmon fishing, glaciers (see via helicopter, plane, or boat, sled dogs, and rafting.


Knightly Tours   800-426-2123 


Alaska Tour & Travel 800-208-0200




We suggest you use an independent tour company instead of the cruise lines, if you plan to book a pre or post tour.  The biggest advantage is that if the cruise lines reduces the price of the cruise after you have booked yours, you can request that lower fare and still have your tour.  If you book your cruise and tour together with a cruise line, they will not allow you to get any reduction on the cruise portion, since the cruise and tour are a package. 


Example,  “XYZ cruise lines” reduces a cruise fare $430.00/pp 2 months after you make your booking.  If you book the cruise and tour together, you will not be eligible for the reduction.  You need to book the cruise and then book the tour with another firm. 


You may want to stay the first night outside the park, suggest Talkeetna Lodge, they have a great view of Mt. McKinley.  Then take the train to Denali the next day.  Spend 2-3 nights in the park before taking the train/bus to Fairbanks or Anchorage for your flight home.


If in Anchorage, don’t miss the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center, 26 glacier cruise (Phillips Cruises & Tours, 1-800-544-0529, they pay 10% commission), American Native Heritage Center, or the walking tour.  The Downtown Deli and Café on 4th Street, great pancakes and FREE wi-fi! 


Ketchikan, The Crow’s Nest Internet Café has inexpensive prices.











           Non U.S. and Canadian Affiliates



International agents will need to use the online booking engine which is on our website to book cruises and airline tickets.








We are a member of North America’s Largest vacation selling network.  ID: rfalor  Password: travel01


This is an online vendor that allows you to search thousands of travel offers from their eferred suppliers include exclusive blocked group amenity departures!


Research  preferred suppliers for overrides and bonus commissions.


Let us know if you wish to forward the emails we receive from them. 



   Seminars at Sea


Platinum Seminars and Cruise & Travel University offer the opportunity for you to learn more about selling cruises.  The prices for the seminars typically are 50+% off the cruise lines rates.


Platinum Seminars require you to have your own CLIA or IATAN card.

Cruise & Travel University has no additional requirements, you do not have to be a member to take a seminar.  NOTE:  If you fail to attend all the classes, there is a $300.00 additional charge..























                                                         Travel agent rates


CARNIVAL -   Carnival Cruises    must first book 5 cabins before requesting a travel agent rate  ID  “rfalor”  Password “travel”
 Destinations:Caribbean, Mexico, South America, Hawaii, Alaska,
 Bermuda and Trans Atlantic

CELEBRITY   Celebrity Cruises  Azamara Royal Caribbean
Availlable cruise on their website:
ID: “russell”  Password “travel”  Strict policy, The agency must be notified prior to payment to make sure you have sold a minimum of 1 cruise prior to requesting a travel agent rate.
Destinations: Worldwide 

CRYSTAL -    Crystal Cruises Agent Info  
from $100.00 pp per day   CRUISE ONLY!
call 800-446-6620  ask for the travel agent reduced rate and they will send you an application for request.
Destinations: Worldwide

COSTA -  Costa Cruises Agent Info  
from 50% off brochures rates   call  800-327-2537 
need to register with username and password and download request form and fax to 954-266-5858   30 days prior see web link for procedures. 
Destinations:  Costa CruisesWorldwide

CUNARD - Cunard Agent Info
discounted rates  call to book 800-7CUNARD
New York to South Hampton, England



TRAVEL AGENT OFFERS see Disney Travel Agent Info 
sign in with username and password and click on benefits and more and then Agent benefits.

The Confirmed Space offer is available on 3-, 4-, or 7-night cruise vacation packages. This offer is valid for select sail dates, based on availability, categories 4-11. This rate is 15% off prevailing Early Booking Savings rates, excluding air. Please note, rates are non-commissionable and do not include International Departure Tax.
Travel agents must sail to be eligible for the Confirmed Space offer and may book one discounted stateroom per sailing.

Procedures for booking Confirmed Space:
Call Disney Cruise Line® Reservations at 800-511-1333 to confirm. A current photocopy of the agency's IATA, CLIA or ages IATAN card is required for activation of this rate. Rates will be confirmed once required documentation is received.

Please call Disney Cruise Line® at (407) 566-6967 between the hours of 8:00 a.m.-10:00 p.m. EST Monday-Friday and 9:00 a.m.-8:00 p.m. EST Saturday and Sunday. Please call no more than 30 days prior to sailing date.  Within 24 hours of confirmation, please submit verification by mail or fax to: Disney Cruise Vacations
Attention: Inventory Control
PO Box 10100
Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830-0020
Fax: 407-566-7739








HOLLAND AMERICA Holland Agent Info
call 800-424-3681  agency desk 
they will email you the request form to fill out.

Destinations: Worldwide

MSC CRUISES MSC Cruises Agent Info
up to 50% off         800-666-9333 
need to sign in with username and password
click on Book a cruise and then travel agent rates.

Destinations: Worldwide

NORWEGIAN  or  sign in with username and password book online or by fax see  Application form  
call 800-327-7030 for info   Destinations: Worldwide

OCEANIA -  Oceania Cruise Agent Info   
click on travel agent center. Register with username and password and click on Promotions for Travel agent discounts.
or call 866-765-3630

PRINCESS -   Princess Cruises Info      
from $29.00 pp day.  Princess has debuted an online booking tool enabling travel agents to make their own reduced rate travel arrangements. With the new tool agents can search all available sailings by destination, ship, date and duration of sailing. Make booking, receive confirmation and pay.
The tool is available exclusively to agents and agencies who actively book Princess cruises, and rates begin at $29 per person, per day on select voyages.

Travel agency rates are available for all Princess destinations, but are subject to change and have limited availability.

For more information, agents many contact the travel agent customer service department at (800) 421-1700.

REGENT SEVEN SEAS Regent Seven Seas    
from 75.00 pp per day    CRUISE ONLY!
call 800-285-1835  ask for Travel Agent Reduced Rate form.  Fill out and email or fax request back ot them.  See form for discounts, restrictions and info.

Destinations: Worldwide

WINDSTAR -   Windstar Cruises Agent Info 
from 50% off confirmed space brochure rates
click on travel agent center, travel agent standby rates for special discount sailings and information and form  
need to fax form request to 206-733-2729 fax or
Windstar  the completed form.

Destinations: Caribbean, Europe, Greek Isle, America's and Trans-Atlantic
  * The above information is from                                                



















                                     TRAVEL NEWS



                     the latest travel news and feature articles




TRAVEL AGENT Magazine current and past issues







TRAVEL AGENT Magazine current and past issues










HOME BASED Trade, monthly supplement to TRAVEL TRADE News Edition,














                           CRUISE TIPS



1. Traveling with a large family or a group of friends? Bring along walkie-talkies (such as Motorola's Talkabouts) to keep everyone connected without cell phone roaming charges. Sherry Brooks, Westlake Village, Calif.

2. You're almost always charged extra for soft drinks, beer, wine, and cocktails at meals. But if you stick to juice, you can drink for free (on most ships). Kathy Pagliei, Swarthmore, Pa. (of Accessible Journeys)

3. On every cruise we've taken, my wife tapes a balloon to our cabin door. That way, our stateroom stands out in the long hallway. Eli Rose, Tampa, Fla.  

4. Many major cruise lines provide free passage to guests qualified to lecture on board. Call the line's entertainment office to see if you have the necessary skills.      Uvonne McCarty, Sparks, Nev.

5. Nearly every cruise line will toss in one free cabin if you travel in a group of 15 or more. Carolyn Spencer Brown, Pennington, N.J. (of

6. If you book while you're aboard, some lines offer a discount of $175 and up on the deposit for future trips. More good news: You can usually get a refund on your deposit if you decide to cancel later. Jeff Pugel, New York,

7. Before booking, check deck plans online to confirm your cabin isn't beneath a well-traveled area. Many ships have a lido deck buffet, where diners eat poolside. When they drag around chairs, it can make quite the ruckus in rooms right below. N.W. Pope, Scottsdale, Ariz.

8. When cruising with our two toddlers, we book a single cabin with twin beds. Pushing them together allows us to sleep sideways, with one parent at the bottom as a guardrail. This only works if you aren't tall! Jimmy Kung, Brooklyn,

9. To avoid the check-out bottleneck, ask for a printout of your bill the day before disembarking. If there are any discrepancies, you can resolve them early and totally relax on your last day at sea. Jack Sigano, Nutley, N.J.

9a.  Check your dining table when you first arrive to make sure it’s what you requested.

                                        BOOKING TIPS

10. Spring for last-minute deals For those with a flexible schedule, it's hard to beat short-lead, online sales. Check out consolidators ( and     and discount sites (,, and, as well as the lines' own e-mail offers. Susan Murphy, Loa, Utah

11. Make a bid online Websites that auction cruises have some of the best bargains out there. At, you can search by line, destination, and date. Jennifer Dickey, Toronto, Canada

12. Editors' advice: Be an early bird If you're planning a trip on a popular route (like the Mediterranean in the summer), you won't find many last-minute discounts. The early-bird deals—six to nine months out, generally—tend to have the lowest rates.

13. Editors' advice: Hire an agent Even if you normally book trips on your own, a cruise is a wise moment to call in the experts. Each line employs specialists who can offer discounted fares and provide advice on cabin configurations and buffet selections. Also, agents with membership in a group like Virtuoso can sweeten deals with onboard credits, including everything from free meals at the specialty restaurants to spa credits.

14. Pack their homework Prices often fluctuate based on kids' availability. Spring break, for example, is a popular (and pricey) time of year, but the last week in August, when most children return to school, is a bargain. Michele Captain, Tampa, Fla.

15. Join the club Sign up for frequent-cruiser programs (similar to frequent-flier programs). On our last cruise, we received chocolate-dipped strawberries in our room     just for being members! Steve Maglich, Rolling Meadows, Ill.  

16. From the pros*: The Housekeeper "On the last day, you're supposed to leave by 9 a.m.—no exceptions. I've knocked on people's doors at 11 a.m. and found them still in the cabin because they overslept! Cabins don't have alarm clocks, so make sure you pack one. You don't want to find yourself rushing to gather your things. Once in a while, people forget their jewelry, credit cards, or watches in the safe." —Marta Ortiz Castro (Panama)                                                                            

17. Get carded Find out if your line offers benefits for signing up for its credit card. With Carnival Cruise Lines, for example, you earn points that you can redeem when booking cruises, resort nights, and flights. Paula Prindle, Orient, Ohio

18. Don't miss the boat! I like to fly into the port city a day or two before the cruise begins, especially in winter, to make sure that flight delays and cancellations don't wreak havoc. Anne Schweisguth, Swiftwater, Pa.

19. Editors' advice: Comparison shop Cruise lines try to make things easy by packaging airfare and pre-embarkation hotel stays. But you'll generally get better rates         if you do your own research and arrange your flights and rooms. At the very least, it's a good idea to comparison shop online.


20. Go with the flow Sometimes you can use the spa's shower and steam rooms even if you don't get a treatment. After I work out, I forgo the tiny cabin shower for        the far more spacious spa experience. April Icsman, Medina, Ohio

21. Skip the spa on sea days I've been on many cruises on various lines, and one thing they all have in common is that they offer spa discounts when the ship is in port. Rhonda Grabov, Philadelphia, Pa.

22. Book your own excursions You can usually get the best deal on a day trip if you arrange it directly with a tour operator rather than through the cruise line. Cindy Rucker, Cary, N.C

23. BYO wine Carnival allows you to bring one bottle per person per cruise, so choose well. We recently carried on our favorite bottle of wine, which cost $110 at           our local shop. We paid a $10 corkage fee in the restaurant and ultimately saved $180 since they had the same bottle listed for $300. Cheri Flores, Fort Worth, Tex.

24. From the pros: The Bartender "A rum and Coke made with house rum is the cheapest alcoholic drink we serve ($4.75). The daily drink specials will cost you $6, and something like a piña colada will set you back $6.75." —Steve Martin (Jamaica)


25. Pack for every port Before I leave home, I make labeled packets for each port. They contain excursion-specific items: maps, sunscreen, insect repellent, disposable cameras, confirmations...even shampoo to use after swimming. Deborah Plumb, St. Petersburg, Fla.  

26. Avoid a midnight lock-out Once you're aboard, have the gift shop make a hole in your plastic room-key card (where it won'tinterfere with the magnetic strip), and     wear it on a lanyard around your neck. You won't have to waste time waiting in line for a new card if you lose it. Sallie Clinard, Las Vegas, Nev.

27 Editors' advice: Baby-proof your cabin Companies such as Disney Cruise Line, Norwegian Cruise Line, Princess Cruises, and Royal Caribbean are making things easier for families. A sampling of their most useful services: pureeing fruit for custom baby food, and lending toys or Pack 'n Plays, which can double as cribs.

28–31 Keep Your Sea Legs Four reader-endorsed seasickness cures

Apples When I told a fellow passenger that I was feeling seasick, she suggested I eat a green apple. It was like magic! Now I bring some along whenever I sail. Angie Evans, Bremerton, Wash.

Ginger Candied ginger is such a good remedy that some ships offer it with after-dinner mints. We always pack a supply in a plastic bag. Weyman Lew, San Francisco, Calif.

Oranges If you're feeling nauseous, peel an orange, hold the rind to your nose, and inhale. A waiter taught me this aboard a ship, and I was soon able to eat again.      Rita McGuigan, Monroe, N.C.

Acupressure I keep Sea-Bands (bracelets that apply pressure to the inside of the wrist) in my purse at all times. They take up such little space and are surprisingly effective. Lisa Lowe Stauffer, Roswell, Ga.

32. Have breakfast in bed The night before an early-morning excursion, order room service. You won't get stuck in a long buffet line and risk missing your departure. Mirvet Sidhom, Quebec, Canada

33. Dine in, eat better In destinations not known for their food, I'll arrange for room service to arrive in my cabin as I reboard the ship from any outings. I end up saving money and avoiding a potentially bad meal in port. Deanna Chappell, Downingtown, Pa.

34. Snag a top table Forgot to request that coveted table for two? You'd be surprised how easy it is to nab it. Just show up at the dining room before service starts on    the first night, and be especially nice to the maître d'. Christopher Wershoven, Brooklyn, N.Y.

35. Editors' advice: Score prime reservations Some cruise lines—such as Carnival, Celebrity Cruises, and Royal Caribbean—have started allowing guests to secure   table assignments when they book their cabins. In fact, Celebrity and Royal Caribbean even permit you to make the request online, and Carnival lets repeat customers ask for their favorite servers.  

36. From the pros: The Doctor "If you feel seasick, try these three tricks: Stay midship and as close to the waterline as possible (that area doesn't rock as much as the front); lie down where you can see the horizon (this places your head in a fixed position); and eat pineapple. Why the last one? It tastes the same going up as it does going down." —Eilif Dahl (Norway)

37. Reward good service I bring thank-you cards. If a staff member is particularly helpful, I leave behind a card. Being positive encourages good service in the days to come. Jen Keivel, Beavercreek, Ohio

38. Go farther ashore In Ketchikan, Alaska, I grabbed a seat at an Internet café right next to the ship only to find out that another place a few blocks farther away was    half the price. Tina Arnoldi, Mount Pleasant, S.C.

39. Outsmart onboard Internet To limit my use of onboard Internet—anywhere from 35¢ to $1 per minute—I type e-mails to friends and family on my laptop in advance. When I'm ready to send them, I log on and simply paste in the completed text. Jon Faulkner, Chula Vista, Calif.

40. Roam on your terms Before boarding, check with your cell provider to learn about the roaming charges you'll be responsible for. Your plan may already include calls and e-mails throughout the U.S., Caribbean, and even farther afield. We were delighted to find that our flat-rate plan worked on several Caribbean islands—for no extra fee. Jana Riess, Winchester, Ky.

41. Access your e-mail at the library During a recent Alaska cruise, we found a city library with free Internet service for up to 30 minutes! Gail G. Jenkins, Kuna, Idaho

42. Tension rod Staterooms are notoriously short on closet space. A tension rod provides just the trick for hanging extra clothes, and it takes up very little room in your suitcase. Lisa Palumbo, West Orange, N.J.

43. Shoe organizers I hang these on the bathroom door to prevent clutter in a tiny cabin. The compartments are perfect for stashing toiletries, documents, keys, and, of course, shoes. Jane Tague, Westerville, Ohio

44. Portable radio You would be amazed at the stations you can tune in to from your balcony, especially in Caribbean ports. Reggae, salsa, merengue...what comes      on is always a surprise, and the news and commercials can be entertaining too. Tom Roche, Tucker, Ga.

45. Fragrance beads A safe alternative to candles or incense, these pack neatly in a sealed container. Once you open the lid, the fragrance wafts through the whole room. Julie Nyhus, Eugene, Ore.  





46. Sticky notes I'm probably known as the Post-it lady on most ships. I leave notes on the cabin mirror asking the steward for more ice, tissues, towels—            everything. It works! Eleanor L. Benedict, Herndon, Va.

47. Light sticks I used to pack a night-light but couldn't always find a convenient outlet. Now I hook a plastic light stick over the bathroom doorknob, where it provides a gentle glow through the night. Carol Attar, Grosse Pointe Woods, Mich.

48. Gift bags Before my trip, I put together a bag of regional specialties from my hometown. Once I'm aboard, I give the present to our attendant, who is usually delighted and rewards us with great service. Nyal R. Cammack, Las Cruces, N.M.

49. Tabletop mirror If you'd rather sit to apply makeup and style your hair, as I do, you'll find this a good use of suitcase space. Joanie Martin, Fox Island, Wash.

50. Power strip Many cabins have only one outlet, which is hardly enough if you plan to charge your laptop, cell phone, and iPod—and to blow-dry your hair. Jay Van Vechten, Boca Raton, Fla.


51.  Ask your client if they wish you to hold several more cabins for possible friends/family.  Let them know if they book 8 cabins, their fare is FREE!



Agents may not accept nor pay NET FARES, they are not travel agent rates. 

Travel supplier statements showing NET FARES may be assessed a $20.00/night service fee.












































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