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             All Travel And Cruise Center, a full-service licensed  travel agency with over 20 years of experience in the travel industry. 

All Travel & Cruise Center, Inc.
13310 Golf Crest Cir.
Tampa, Fl 33618
(813) 600-0807 
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There are 3 types of home based travel agent affiliations with our agency:

  1. Part-time travel agent: Make sure you advise a travel supplier you are only “part-time”  and do not have your own IATAN or CLIA card when requesting travel agent rates (not all travel suppliers offer discounts to part-time travel agents). See pages 24-26 of our Travel Agent Handbook for guidelines on how to request part-time travel agent discounts.
  2. Cruise Line International Association: If you sell a minimum of 1 cruise a year, you can join the Cruise Line International Association. You will then need to meet the CLIA requirements to get their ID. Most travel suppliers consider you “full-time” if you are a member of CLIA. See page 27 of our Travel Agent Handbook gives the CLIA guidelines for membership.
  3. IATAN: Affiliates that earn over $5,000.00 in personal commissions can get their own IATAN card.  IATAN is the trade organization of the airlines.
Important Note: I.A.T.N. (International Association of Travelers Network) should not be mistaken for IATAN (International Airlines Travel Agent Network.)

All Travel & Cruise Center
13310 Golf Crest Cir. Tampa, FL 33618
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